what is higher brain living?

what is higher brain living?

Higher Brain Living:

Unlocking Potential for Transformative Change

Higher Brain Living is a revolutionary approach to personal transformation that focuses on activating and energizing the Higher Brain—the most evolved part of the human brain.

Developed by Dr. Michael Cotton, this method involves a gentle-touch technique that directs a powerful surge of energy into the prefrontal cortex, unlocking untapped potential and fostering lasting change.

The Higher Brain, often overshadowed by the dominance of the lower brain, holds the key to profound shifts in well-being, purpose, and connection.

This transformative process isn't just about physiological changes; it's a holistic approach that rewires and activates the Higher Brain, leading to sustained transformation across various aspects of life.

The Program: A Comprehensive 24-Step Journey

The Higher Brain Living program is a structured 24-step life transformation journey that guides individuals through the process of awakening the Higher Brain and creating sustained positive change.

This disciplined approach facilitates a surge of energy into the Higher Brain, triggering a spontaneous breath movement that releases stress, rejuvenates cells, and initiates rapid transformation.

The program is designed to liberate the lower brain from stress, anxiety, and depression, offering participants the opportunity to experience joy, confidence, purpose, and passion.

It goes beyond mere temporary relief, providing individuals with a roadmap and daily practices to create genuine, sustainable change in their brains and lives.

Key Elements of the Program:

1. Presentation and Demonstration: (See Video Demonstrations here)

Attend a presentation led by a certified Higher Brain Living Facilitator.

Witness a live demonstration of the transformative technique, showcasing the awakening of the body and brain.

2. Trial Sessions:

Experience Trial Sessions to ensure comfort with the process and the Facilitator.

Understand the SalutoGenic response, a natural feedback mechanism that promotes rejuvenation and stress release.

3. 24-Step Program Enrollment:

Sign up for the 24-Step Program to embark on a transformative journey.

Experience the surge of energy into the Higher Brain, creating new neural pathways and encouraging myelination.

4. Life Transformation:

Feel the physiological changes in your brain necessary for genuine growth.

Receive a roadmap and daily practices for sustainable change.

Welcome your new normal, marked by joy, purpose, and a deeper connection to your authentic self.

The Higher Brain Living program is not just a temporary fix; it's a comprehensive system that empowers individuals to take control of their lives and unlock their full potential.

It goes beyond traditional approaches, offering a unique and profound method for achieving sustained transformation and well-being.

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