About Donna Briggs

NHU Certified Mastery Facilitator of Higher Brain Living®

Engaged in cutting-edge transformative work since 2015, Donna Briggs achieved Mastery Level certification as a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. Based in vibrant NYC, they practice and operate a thriving wellness center. Their journey spans studies in Classical Acupuncture, nutrition, and diverse bodywork modalities, all fueled by a deep quest for greater meaning, truth, and purpose in life.

With a profound understanding of the potential within each individual's journey toward becoming the New Human, her life has been reshaped in unimaginable ways. Source Code Meditation and the continuous study contribute to an ongoing sense of awe, reinforcing the commitment to a life filled with purpose and excellence.

In the relentless pursuit of self-discovery and optimal living, Donna remains inspired by the transformative power of other people's chosen path, embracing a philosophy that transcends mediocrity.

"Regardless of the size of the boat we are in, we each have the opportunity to grab the steering wheel and direct the course it takes."

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